Passengers Won't Leave/Just Linger Around

I am having this issue on EVERY airport I build. I get a countless amount of passengers that just linger in the gate area or in the bathroom. There has to be hundreds/thousands there, and it is drastically reducing my framerate; to the point where I dread playing the game, which I instantly fell in love with. I have cancelled all my flights, in hopes that they would just leave. I have no commercial flights scheduled. I have reloaded multiple times, and they still are in the game. Nothing will get rid of them, even if I run the game for hours.

I don’t see a secure exit, did you build any? If you don’t build one the arriving PAX can’t leave your airport.

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KingBirdy seems to have located the issue, do you have a security exit built?

Yes, there is a security exit, 4 in a row, just off the bottom of the screen shot (new screenshot included). This happened in an earlier airport I built, and now I never for get that.

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Can we have a pic with zones enabled?

Of course. :slight_smile:

OH MY GOSH I FOUND IT THANK YOU! I had 1 row of STAFF ONLY somehow under my secure exit. Wow…

Oh ok, glad you found it. Did you do that in every airport?

I do not believe so, but this is testament that I very well could have. Thank you all for help with my tiny error! :smiley:

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Funny, I did watch the picture first and figured that too :slight_smile: … good you found it.