Passengers without a boarding card


I have lots of passengers waiting at the gate with no boarding card. I guess they have come through security without checking in. Is there a way to get rid of them because they don,t go anywhere (only to the toilets…hahaha). Tried F10 and send all the passengers home but that did not work…

They have flights which are not in the flightplanner.

Thanks for your help…

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Anton Will van Zoelen

Procurement and then research it.

(In procurement there should be something called passport scanner or something along these lines)

These are arrival passengers. For a reason they don’t leave airport. Either they are waiting their baggages or you don’t have a secure exit door.

EDIT: Actually I just saw their error on their head. They can’t find any secure exit.

Thanks for all your quick replies…will start working it out…

Good luck

The red “one way” sign means they are not able to find a security exit door. Place one to be able to allow passenger to transition from secure zone to the non-secure.


Out of curiousity - not planning to hijack your thread. Does the Passport scanner actually do anything?

jonny, atm it doesnt. Dont buy. iz a scam man

Not all processes and machines have their full implementation. It will come in time.

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