Passengers will not use the escalator or stairs

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I am having a issue when my passengers get off the bus and enter the terminal they enter on floor 0. I am then trying to get the passenger to ride the escalator to floor 1 where the check in desks resides. None of the passengers will ride the escalator to floor 1. The escalator on both floors resides in a terminal zone. I am not sure what is going on, but none of the passengers are getting on flights.


Hard to imagine.
Can you add a screenshot, preferably with zones enabled?
(One way to make a screenshot on windows 10 is windows-shift-s)

post screenshot with zones turned on and one of the second floor too.

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As @Titule and @DavidMarlor stated, please provide more information and more images of incident so we can help you.

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You need crosswalks on first glance. Make sure the escalators are facing the appropriate direction. your escalators in the first shot are facing opposite directions. This may be intentional.

If you have the space there, you could add restrooms to get them in off the curb, but I ponder if things are turned up and connected at the check-in desks. I’ve never had this sort of thing happen.

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Question: Why do you not have doors?

Answer: I have windows.


I can report that I am having similar issues. But I have a slightly more complex setup where passanges enter the building on the ground floor, then need to go up a stairs, across the terminal, then down another stair and then exit the security zone. They are all just mulling around at the entrance to the building, not moving. This is both arriving and departing passangers.

I find if we put lifts in, then all the pax use the lifts and ignore the stairs and escalators. I think the pathfinding just see the lifts as the shortest path. I’m sure this will be balanced at some point. I’d almost like the lifts to be used mostly by people with lots of luggage or disabled, etc.

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