Passengers waiting at the wrong gates


I am using 22.3.8 and everything is working fine so far. Only problem I’m having is the passengers. My terminal is spread out and I have gates on both sides. For some reason some passengers are choosing to sit at a different gate, some even go to the opposite side of the airport. When its their turn to board they take ages to get there and it causes delays. I noticed there is a previous thread with a similar problem, but I have got no sofas in the secure area, just gate seating.

Also, I have two separate security exits, one on each side of the airport and two separate baggage halls. Some passengers are choosing to walk all the way across the airport to the other security exit, even though there is one much closer. This then takes them into the wrong baggage hall and they have to walk outside and back in the other side. Some passengers also wait in the baggage hall before they check in, which I thought was a bit strange.

Would appreciate any help.

I’m no expert, but what I have noticed with those issues is a lack of seating. If all of the seating is full by the gate, or by the check-in desks, etc. Then they will travel away to find a seat. I had passengers sitting in the baggage claim before checking in, but when I added more seating, that all went away.

This is indeed one thing that is very important, the PAX get a pathfinding to the nearest, available, not plotted in some others path, to go to. So even if your seats look empty, another passenger can be on its way and therefore have already claimed the seat.

What BandyGasy says, make sure you have enough seatings. I place always a minimum of 5 seatings per medium gate, which hold 100 people, not enough in theory, but I plane them not to depart at the same time,so it should be sufficient.

It’s not a seating issue, at least in my airports. I always have seating for 200 at each medium stand, and i see the same behavior. Also the issue with pathing to much farther security exits only to then have to backtrack to get to bag claim. Yet another instance where slowing down game time can mitigate flight delays, but fixing the pathfinding will be a better solution.

I had thought it might be seating. I’ve got 10+ seating blocks at each medium stand now. It’s getting a bit better, but there’s still one or two that for some reason go to the opposite side of the terminal

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