Passengers violating zones, going to tarmac and getting stuck

Hello all,

I am on the experimental bunch and recently, the game has been much less laggy and there have been less problems. However, a new problem has surfaced - passengers violating zones.

Many passengers cross walls, tables to other zones or between tables, and some end up getting stuck between objects. Despite removing walls and paving the way for them to return to a secure zone, they refuse to move.

I’ve had many problems of passengers ending up on service roads and getting stuck there, but I could resolve most them by removing walls and “securing” their way back.

However, a bigger problem is that my passengers have somehow ended up on the taxiway. I am not able to make the taxiway a secure zone or anything, and they are stuck there, even if I demolish a wall for them to get back, they are stuck there and get tired and hungry.

I hope that these problems can be fixed soon. Thank you

Regards, Ethan

Hey Ethan! What does your zoning look like? Can you include a screen of the same area with zones enabled?

Dear Olof, here are the screenshots. Please let me know if they are insufficient.

Thanks, Ethan

Well there is definitely a bug here, somewhere, my guess is that the placement of certain seating items cause the persons to, when leaving, get out of bounds due to a bad exit strategy… but I will have to do some investigation. Could you possibly file this save with a bug report?

The way to solve it is to give your seating items some room, while it should be possible to place seats immediately close to a table I think that the combination of seat, table and then either a wall or a zone makes the persons sitting in that seat confused. Also, you can save those passengers that are stuck outside on the taxiway by building sidewalks and zoning them as secure. But as I said, if you file the save in a bug report I’ll be able to see why this occurs and can then fix it.

“items cause the persons to, when leaving, get out of bounds due to a bad exit strategy”

This happens with shop counters / food counters / check-in / information desks too. When a staffer / PAX leave the object, they do a step back, if that is a wall, they back twice and are outside and “lost”.

Dear Olof,

I spent some time trying to fix it and I managed to. I had to demolish the taxiway, build the foundation then make the area secure before they all decided to move back into the terminal. Thank you for your help. Would you still like me to make a bug report?

Regards, Ethan.

If you have a save from prior to you building the foundation area for saving them, then yes I would love a report! :heart:

Dear Olof,

I deeply apologize but I just realise that I already saved the new version and hence do not have a save prior to that… I will make sure to keep a save of an older version every time I encounter a bug. So sorry :frowning:

Regards, Ethan

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All right, if you do find this bug to happen again please save immediately and send it in and I will have a look at it!

I recall seeing such a bug back at launch, when you place a gate seat next to a wall, the passengers could sometime phase through it and get out on the other side.

I’ll try to replicate it later tonight if I can.

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