Passengers stuck/Keep sitting

Hey, I seem to have a problem with passengers that keep sitting in my airport. they are not waiting for a flight nor waiting for baggage oer something. The “Send al passengers home” button does not work and the keep sitting.! I don’t know if this is a bug or i am doing something wrong, i would really like to know:).


check the security zoning to the exit, actually do you have a security exit? I don’t see it in the picture.

yes i have it

you have no security zoning path to the exits. you exits are on the Non-secure side of things and not connected to a secure zone I looks like what does your zoning look like…?

it looks like from this picture hat they have to someone cross over to non-secure zone area to get to the exits. So connect the exits to a secure zone so they can get out

oh wait that is the ticketing area. not a secure zone. do you have pathways to the bus/taxi/car stops?

yeah, send a picture of your zoning and whole terminal area with zoning.

do they go away when you remove the seats? i’ve been getting this as well. Only on airports with baggage handling enabled.

Yes i have paths leading to those, most passengers leave

Yeah! it is precisely that!

after observing for a while, i suspect this happens when baggage despawn on the belt and their related pax don’t go away. Is this a known bug @Olof or do we need to bug report it?

It’s very difficult to say, ideally you’d report it so I can have a proper look at it.

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Does look very strange, can you report it and get back to me with the number? I might have an idea but I need the save.

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I Will do it asap!

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@Olof, The report has been send! number; ACEO-17137

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people are moving again after i send u the report lol, new stuck ones wil probably appear again.


I’ve just sent in ACEO 17139, but ACEO-17090 (wich is not related to this issue) may have an easier way to recreating it as it’s the same airport just with conveyors still under construction. If you activate the baggage with conveyors to the claim still under construction the bags will eventually despawn and make some stuck passengers.

btw: any chance at feedback on 17090&17094? i see the jira has tickets with higher numbers but not these so i don’t know if i supplied insufficient info on them.


I had the same issue (or similar) all PAX were sat in baggage claim, or even went out and around to departures to sit. Only way to solve it was to delete the benches and force them all to leave. In the mean time loads of passengers were stuck to seats and flights ended up auto delayed for 24hrs before I noticed…

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I’m pretty sure I know what the issue is, I have a few bug reports on it now, unfortunately I’m working remotely today and cannot look at this bug until Monday next week. Hope to have a bug fix out for this by mid next week, along with a few other issues.


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