Passengers stuck in parking lot


I have an issue where passengers are stuck in the parking lot. Can anyone advise what i may have done wrong?


It looks like you have removed two tiles of road which will cause trouble.
But the problem with the passengers is that you don’t have any sidewalk from the parking lot to the terminal. You need to build crosswalks so passengers can cross the road and get out of the parking lot.

So sidewalk around the parking lot then crosswalks to the terminal will fix the issue?

I don’t have much experience with car park, but I think sidewalk should not be necessary because people should be able to walk to the side of the parking lot. In your case I’d just try to place a crosswalk on the left side of the parking lot to allow crossing the street and getting to the existing sidewalk.


Yes you definitely need sidewalks and crosswalks. People do not walk over streets without them


No, you did nothing wrong. There is a serious bug with the parking lot. To build walkways around helps a bit, but there will be still a lot of people get stuck in your parking area. And this can become a very bad issue if you have bigger parking areas. because all the stuck people make your CPU serously busy and there are not only passengers stuck in there, also some of your hired staff get stuck and will never reach their workplace. I reported this about 2 weeks ago.
For now, the best way is not to use these parking lots and demolish all you have.

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lots of cars wanting to leave the airport, are stuck, too…

Persons cannot walk on roads, which is why parking lots isolated with road needs a crosswalk to and from. Place a crosswalk from the parking lot to a sidewalk and your passengers will be able to find their way out of there.


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