Passengers stranded at Sturup (MMX)

Swedish - @Olof Har ni hört?
180 passagerare strandade på Sturup – flyget över 10 timmar försenat
Under natten till lördagen är omkring 180 passagerare strandade på Sturups flygplats efter att Wizz Airs flyg till Wien blivit försenat.

Planet skulle ursprungligen ha lyft vid 14.50, men blev av oklara skäl försenat till 00.45.
– Vi blev tvungna att checka in våra väskor senast vid 21 och gå igenom säkerhetskontrollen. Sedan dess har vi väntat och nu säger dem att flyget kommer att flyttas fram till 04, säger Erica Jaeckel, en av resenärerna, strax innan klockan 01.
Då har hon väntat i över tio timmar. Hon säger att hon inte har lyckats få någon kontakt med Wizz Air och att det inte gått ut någon information om vad som händer.
– Det känns skitjobbigt. Vi vet inte om vi ska åka hem eller vara kvar, allt är väldigt oklart. Det finns familjer här, och små barn och personalen får inte gå hem förrän vi har flugit, säger hon

If anyone wants English, just tell me.

I would like English, I don’t speak Swedish!

Okey some backstory. The devs, live and work in the south parts of Sweden. And our closest airport is MMX, or Malmö Airport AKA Sturup Airport. And it’s a fairly small airport since CPH is soo close. Not much is happening there, occasionally some emergency or so but seldom. They have traffic in and out every day but no fuzz or so about it.

So this news story from today, is saying that 180 Passengers that was supposed to fly out at 2 Pm yesterday. Then flight was delayed until 00:45. So the check-in was pushed up until 9 pm. Then after everyone was checked in and beyond security. They have basically been waiting. And the flight was then moved up further until 4 Am in the morning no explanation why from the airline. And all the airport staff had to stay ofc since they had passengers in the airport and are waiting for an arriving aircraft.
And this is rare at this airport i would say.

Wow… In Holland you can request a compensation if your flight is delayed only 3 hours…


I think that’s european law.

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EU law :wink:

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You are right, i allways forget that there is a difference between them. :wink:

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It is crazy what some airlines do occasionally. I remember a story about Ryanair which was planning to significantly expand its operation out of an airport. A week before the public announcement, a flight was cancelled and the handler refused to keep its staff working overtime because Ryanair didn’t officially pay them to deal with compensations or re-bookings.

The Ryanair headquarters furiously rung up the handler making very clear that either they call back the employees and deal with the passengers, or Ryanair would pull the plug on the expansion causing serious financial issues for the handler which had been investing to increase their capacity.