Passengers Path on Wrong Floor

Hello All,

I am having an issue where passengers path and walk as if they are walking to the gate to board, but they are on the floor below. This causes them to be in the wrong location and trapped once the game realizes they need to board. They walk through walls and ignore all zones as they go to where they would be on the floor above. I have created extra zones for these people to exit because about 5-10 of them get trapped in no man’s land every day. How do I stop them from going through the walls and such anyway? Thanks!

Glad to be back after a while. I bug reported this as MERC-1124

General layout of floor 0. See trapped people in the middle of the staff room.

Closer view of people trapped in staff room.

Zoning to show that they walked through walls and zones to get there.

The floor above to show that the strandeds are lined up with the boarding gates from the floor above.

*I would make everything underneath a staff area. If it doesn’t need to be a passenger area, then mark it as a staff zone.

It already was. People would walk through it and then get stuck in the middle of a staff area.

I had to make that sliver of non staff zone and a passport check to allow them back into the international zone or else there would be even more people stuck.

More examples. Two images of the ground floor and floor up to show that the lost people are lined up with where they would be in the floor above to board. I included the zoning of the ground floor again. See the lone man in the grass to the right? He walked through walls and zones to get there and now he is stuck. The only way to get the people out of the staff room is undo the staff zoning so they can move.

Have you tried to make the seating area on ground floor to a staff room? Then pax should not be interested in those seats.

Funny, as there should be no reason a person is interested in a seat that in a different zone… I’d think that’s against the basic game logic. Im most interested in how they get there… Becuase there is no reasonable way that someone could get in there without breaking zoning rules (and then not be able to leave).

Passengers have a high preferation to ground level seating even when the gate is with jetbridges.

In combination with the non-staff room seatings this setup may confuses them.

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It was always a staff room. About 10 passengers per day would walk to a location on the ground floor, ignoring any walls and zones and get stuck. I created the small area of no staff so the lost people could get back to the terminal. Otherwise they would be trapped for days with no way to leave because they don’t know what to do in a staff zone once they are there.

The yellow arrow is exactly the path that a few passengers per day take regardless of walls and zones because that is the path that gets them to their boarding area in the floor above. They are moving as if they are on the second floor while are still on the ground floor.

Try making that whole area staff zone, and have immigration for only the staff.

I tore down and rebuilt with a different layout and I am still having the same problem. Now I have people floating over stands. Here are shors of the 4 floors. Notice the people, all the red exclamations, have no way to get to where they are nor a way out.

Underground with no people.

Ground floor with no people.

2nd Floor with people stranded.

3rd floor with no people.

What in the world of what?! Yeah, we may need the devs on this one

Very strange indeed, we are not missing any single zone pieces just in front or at the boarding desks?

No. These passengers never make it to the boarding desk. In the first build mentioned, they would start pathing incorrectly at the escalator.