Passengers only patronize the nearest shop

Posting here and not as a bug, because I’m not sure if it’s intended or not.

So my airport has security in the original section with a few food stands just past the exit from security, then an “extended” concourse with some more food stands.

For some reason the shops in the original section get very long queues (some even delaying flights), while those in the extension get almost zero business.

Is it possible to introduce an element of randomness to reflect passenger preferences?


As of now PAX will just choose the nearest whatever they require.


I’ve seen similar behaviour, PAX tend to go always go to the nearest shop only when a shop is closed when staff is shifting they will go to other stores. Would indeed be nice if there will be more randomness to this, especially when you create a shopping street or plaza.


As far as I’m concerned, the shops and food are nothing more than rental income until they do a major rework of all of it in the coming months with expansion of features.

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