Passengers not meeting needs [solved]

Any idea why passengers complaining about lack of food / shopping won’t go to the open shop/restaurant outside of security right next to them?


Does the little symbol go away after a few seconds? It may just be a after getting off the bus thing. And I don’t know if the game is this complex, but it may mean they are hungry, but they will only eat when they have time (after security). I wouldn’t worry about it unless it is very consistent, persists for a long time, and reduces airport ratings.

It was lasting for a while, and no one was using either the shop or restaurant at all and this was going on for days (in game). After reloading it seems to be better now, but it took reloading several times.

Shops and restaurants in public are a bit tricky. The time between passengers arrive and start of check-in is very short. And after check-in they go straight to security.

But there is a research to get airport visitors. So people who come to your airport just for retail stuff in the public area.

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Are you still experiencing issues here or did andy’s tips provide insight? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Andy and Olof. A few days later (after reloading several times) the shops are now doing very brisk business. Not sure what happened but it seems to be working now!

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