Passengers Not Boarding (Stuck at Go to Gate)

Hi all,

Since I opened my save game yesterday, my passengers just stopped boarding - I hadn’t made any changes to the airport, but the flight status just gets stuck at ‘Go to Gate’. All other turnaround services complete as normal.

Passengers check-in, make in through security into he secure zone, and then just sit by the gate and don’t board. I reverted to closing all stands and opening just one to test pathfinding etc. and no problems there.

Attached are a couple of screenshots.

Thanks for your help.



When clicking on the stand, are all services such as Cabin Cleaning completed?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I’ve just checked and the only service that gets stuck mid-way through is cabin cleaning service. Usually gets stuck between 20-60%.

In the service vehicles tab it says that I have a 7 cleaning trucks, 0 jobs engaged and 1 shortage?! This was never a problem before, is it a bug from a new patch?

I’ll try a flight with cabin cleaning turned off…

So when I turn cabin cleaning off, boarding completes fine.

I don’t understand why cabin cleaning is suddenly an issue? A bug? I have the waste facility, linked to all my stands, and aircraft cleaning trucks.

Cleaning must be complete before boarding. It also starts only after everyone is off the airplane!

Do you have enough cleaning trucks and is the waste depot close enough? If a truck is full, another one will come if you have more than one. Otherwise you have to wait until he cleared itself.

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At the time I posted this I had one stand open and seven cabin cleaning trucks - none of them were assigned a job! I’m having a similar issue with baggage loading now…I’ve posted another thread about that to keep things clean.

Are you using tetminal zones?

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