Passengers not arriving at the airport

Here we go, I updated the luggage system and everything before that was working perfectly i had a little trouble with the security gates so i build a few more, but hardly any passengers is comming to the airport, and nobody is going through the security gates,
1 I have plenty of staff,
2. Plenty of cars, trucks etc
3. Both luggage systems are green and working both loading and unloading
4. i checked the safety zones like 10 times, hehe, remember it all have been working
5. Bus stops, car stops and taxis are overcrowding so people are arriving at the airport

What can a man do to get my passengers back to my airport - and through the security gates

I believe i have tried next to everything


I am assuming you mea secure zone :wink: Can you check the one way system for me, okay mate?

One way system is working fine, alot of busses and cars are using it

Try adding more subways… It seems that you only have one, and based on all of the aircraft gates you have, try adding more.

It must be bug as i cant even turn of the security gates, they dont react wehn i try to turn them off,

Subways, i actually have two right now, one in each end but i will build me thanks let see

Let me know if it works… :wink:

Also, welcome to the community!

Thanks for the welcome, i sorted the problem the hard way i deleted all the security stations as they where apparently where bugged and now they are starting to work again with the first two security stations i just build
i will keep you posted

Good luck! I am testing this as we speak :wink:

I know have 10 security gates medium working now just fine

Sounds good!!!

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