Passengers do not board after activating the baggage service


I was having an issue where passengers were not checking in and accessing the departure lounge.

Reading some posts here, I noticed that some people were having the same problem. I made all the recommendations mentioned, but nothing was possible to correct the problem.

I noticed that when disabling the ramp service, consequently the baggage service, passengers went to the check-in counter and went to the departure lounge normally and whenever they activated the bage service again, the passengers stopped checking -in and were outside the airport.

After reactivating the baggage service, those passengers who were already going to check-in, were able to check in the normal baggage, that is, the baggage system is working correctly.

In short, even with the baggage dispatch system working normally, when this service is activated, passengers stop checking in. Anyone with the same problem or know how to help me?


Wait are departure lounges a thing, or at least lounges before the secure zone? Do people utilize them?

Can you show us some screenshots of your airport, baggage system and the stand connections to the baggage bays? Sounds like something isn’t correct connected.

Lounges are optional and increase the rating. It’s not mandatory to use them. And they are within the secure area.

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I think by “departure lounge”, they are referring to the secure area post security, not the airline lounges within the game

Yeah we need some screenshots on this one! :slight_smile:

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