Passengers cant find their way , i dont see anything wrong?


Really not sure on why my passengers cant get to the international zone, please help

What happens when you remove the 2 Rows of Int Zone in Front of your Passport Controls?

nothing happens

im not sure why

another problem emerges…

Sorry i don’t have a clue. Can’t see much here

That’s very strange, have you tried reloading the save?

Yeah was happening to me until I stumbled across what was wrong. With PP checkpoints you need to have some flipped the other way around for “arrival’s” as an exit point. So basically I’ll have 3 to receive into the International zone then flip 3 around for exit out of the International zone.

Was that section of the terminal built withing the same game session or has it happened after a load?

What happens when you rezone the International checkpoints with international zone?

They’re not trying to reach a non international zone behind the international zone, are they?

I dont know if the pathfinder can pathfind over multiple zones.

Yes it can. I’ve used it to path find arriving passengers in an international area to outside the terminal building at a bus stop or taxi rank. I have also used it in the other direction from secure to international.

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