Passengers can't check-in

Edit: Resolved!
So I started up a new airport, and I’ve been having this problem where none of the passengers seem to be able to check in. I’m constantly getting popups that say “A passenger can’t check in. Make sure that a check-in desk is accessible through walls and zones, and that any baggage drop has a self-check in kiosk nearby.” I have checked again and all the check-in desks are set up properly, with connected baggage drops, as well as there being a walkable path between the sidewalks and the desks. I don’t know what seems to be the problem here.

I also just wanted to point out that eventually, after a long time, some passengers do make their way to check-in.


Can you post a screenshot of your flight planner (G-key) when those messages pop up?

According to the number of flights and passengers wanting to check in, we can see then if there might be not enough check in infrastructure.

Update: I restarted the game(finally) and it seemed to have fixed it. Gonna assume it was a one-time glitch.

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This also happens to me, like when staff can’t reach there work area. You could solve this by saving your game then loading it. If it still doesn’t work, check your zoning.

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