Passengers are not using the second baggage claim area


I am quite new to this game. I had been watching the game play in youtube and finally bought the game in steam.

In my new airport all ws going smooth, today I updated to the new release 29.12-1.
After that I conituned playing. I created a new baggage handling area and created a new baggage claim area,
From the looks of it I see that baggage is getting sorted fine, but pax are not claiming it.

Edit: created the Bug as well from the inbuilt bug reporting (11400)

I see that that’s a issue but if you have two baggage claim rooms then it could cause problems as the package don’t know which baggage claim it would be at if u have one baggage bay connected to the two I don’t know if u can do that. But as of I know I would only have one baggage claim area as it won’t cause problems but of that is ur only one then the pax do that as that’s what they do

Can we see a screen shot of your whole baggage system as I have multiple baggage reclaim areas

I would also like to know.

I have built 2 separate Baggage Claim areas as I have 2 ‘terminals’. However, both Baggage Claim areas have their own Stands and Check-In Desks (Left and Right Terminal).

Moreover, they have separate exits from the Terminal leading to the Baggage Claim area. So hopefully, it will force the PAX to correctly pick up their luggage.

You can use tilt trays to get the luggage to the location you want. You need to built separate claim areas for the game to understand different deliveries, keep in mind that you have to connect them to a bagage bay as well. Without tilt trays all luggage will be delivered to the first claim area it enters.

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