Passengers AI go to only one cafe

Hey guys!
80% of my passengers go to a small cafe, even though I have other discounter and restaurants. This creates a queue with more than 200 people. That can not be normal. Is this a known bug?

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Is it a low rated shop or higher rated one than the others?

May send a bug report ingame and post the number here.

This happens to me all the time.

It seems the game gives a higher prio to paths that have proven to work for a task, while there are others options open too, but that have been added later in the same area.

It is a French cafe with three stars. A beer bar and another cafe with three stars are near to the french shop but most of the people go to only this one. I build a Restaurant near to the Security area. This dont help. I make an screenshot and i will report this as a bug

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The red line is the queue for “La French”. The green circles are alternative snack bars and restaurants.

The No. of Report is 39860

Did you ever notice, all PAX first report to the gate, before visiting a shop, toilet, etc?

At least, that is how it always has been.

No, I think that’s wrong! Their needs are also met beforehand. It is easy to see that the queue is forming down, not to the left where the gates are. Even if you click on the cafe, you can see the green borders of every person who wants to go to the shop.
As soon as people pass the security check, many want to go to the shop first.

It might depend if you provide shops and food in the check in area or not. If you do not provide shops there, many passengers prefer to run for shopping or food directly after security check or passport check. Only a smaller amount will head for the gates and later use services there.

In my example below I provide 2 shops directly after passport check. Both are 1 Star rated and require min. 35 sales per day. There is no food or shopping in the check in area.

Passengers are forced to go through one shop, the other is optional. The optional one has issues to reach 35 sales per day, the other has no issues to get way over 1000 sales per day.

Other passengers pass the shops and head straight for the restaurants or toilets which has a bigger need.
Only a very small amount is going to the gates and will later use retail over there.

BUT… here comes the next interesting thing. Sofas, nice chais and even wooden chairs are preffered instead the normal airport seating. As soon as one of this nice seatings is available, it does not matter where in the reachable zone it is. The passenger will sit there, even when it is at the other end far away from the gate.

Here the whole terminal. Also nice to see is that the two shops and restaurants further away still reach the 35 sales per day without any issue.


Thank you so much for your examples. This helps to better understand the AI. However, this doesn’t solve my problem. Rather, I would have expected that the AI ​​would certainly split up better. I don’t think anyone wants to queue for hours just for a bagel. I would like to see that the AI ​​switch to alternatives if the queue gets too long. Does this no longer correspond to reality and the legitimacy of several shops (in a tycoon game)?


Still have this bug in Beta 6.0.3 experimental.


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