Passenger Walkways (General Behaviour & Pathfinding)

I have noticed that in ACEO, passengers have a tendency to “follow the leader” and often fail to utilise space provided to them. They walk in the most direct path, which isn’t always realistic. It would be nice to see passengers spread out a bit, and take a path that isn’t always the most direct. I’m sure that we’ve all gotten lost in an airport at some stage.

I was thinking of a few ways to implement this…

  1. Passengers avoid spills. Heavy traffic creates a lot of filth. If passengers tried avoiding filth, they would spread out a bit more. This is realistic because no-one wants to walk through someone else’s mess

  2. The walkway room. A new room could be assigned as a walkway, which encourages passengers to spread out a bit more, whilst also encouraging passengers to use that region of the airport, even if it isn’t quite as direct. This would stop passengers cutting straight though a shop to get to their security exit.

  3. A 1Square spacing for all passengers. Probably not as effective as the other suggestions, but it may encourage passengers to space out a bit more, and enforcing this rule may force them to spread out.

Anyway, these are just a few ideas. What do you think?

Below is a screenshot of passengers following one another in my latest airport.


Maybe passengers can also be programmed to have different paths in and out of places, like shops, as they might want to go to a shop all the way across the terminal as where there actual gate is but that would be perfectly fine.

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I like this, i need this. Atm everyone is just walking in a long conga line at my airport. Also they like hugging the wall because of my layout. And against the wall i have screens and flowers, so they end up going in a sic sac pattern because they need to avoid the stuff haha.

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@Henry747 I totally agree! We spend hours and hours perfecting the airport, adding details and then it is not very satisfying to see passengers in one line. Maybe passengers themselves shouldn’t be “walkable”, this should avoid “piles” of passengers and maybe there should be a minimum distance between each other so they won’t walk up each others butt :laughing:


I would like to suggest that they prefer to go to larger spaces as I see that they will weave between chairs and through 1 Squair spaces maybe they could be discouraged to go through 1 Squair and prefer to go through more spacious areas

Definitely agree. This becomes a massive problem when people exit my airport

would be a great thing to fix

I love the walkway room! Brilliant way to control passenger flow without walls/hedges.

Maybe a walkway zone would be more appropriate given the ability to go around corners and apply different shapes. Thinking about it a room might be too restrictive.

I support this as well! In my airport design passengers walk right up against the way instead of an open area that I’ve created which is meant for walking

Definitely needed. The paths that they follow always leave me saying “why”. I understand that passengers are going to the “direct” closest thing to achieve the objective, but it becomes the most inconvenient half the time. I have an airport im currently working on with different terminals and because the stand in 1 terminal is closest to the bathroom in another, the passengers walk all the way around to those bathrooms, and then allllll the way back around to the exit into baggage claim.

Maybe we can talk about this a bit more now that feature voting is in place?

My thought is we have roof suspended direction signs that act as nodes. It would be a simple asset we place. but it is coded to tell path-finding where to go for the destination selected by the pax. So instead of path-finding from the gate (for example) to the security exit or bathroom, the path-finding would be from the gate to the closest sign. Then it would path direct to the next sign and next until at the security exit/gate or bathroom. No idea if this would work in coding, but it would be realistic and might solve some of the path-finding issue.


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