Passenger service agents stuck at check in desk

I keep getting alerts and finding that I’m getting dozens of passenger service agents not able to work. It seems like they are waiting for other agents to leave which are already stationed but not going to another location that they are needed at. Anyway, they are all pilling up at the check in desk.

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This is a problem that I have as well with my passenger service agents at information booths. Nothing really to do it’s just a waste of 2 personnel. I would bug report it as I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. I will bug report mine as well.

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Yeah looks strange, are those check-ins delayed at all?

Yes, flight status is delayed.

My guess then is that those agents are waiting for their work to start but can’t as their check-in desk is occupied by the delayed flight. Right now the systems don’t take that into account and not sure how to do that either… I guess the quickest fix to this would be solve the delaying factor.

Does seem to be part of it. Couple questions. Why wouldn’t they use another open check-in desk if that one is occupied? Why are the passengers not being allowed to proceed to the gate and wait for the plan to arrive and become ready?

I watched one of these delayed flights and it was showing “en route” in the flight monitor, once the plane finally landed and taxied to the stand, the plane plane had deboarded, then flight finally went open at check in, then the plan had to wait for the passengers to be checked in and go thru the security and to then board. Seems like the passengers should be waiting at the gate for a delayed flight, is that how it works in game or is it different? TIA

This is still happening… Has any update been given? Seems like a pretty large bug that causes a massive loss of ratings and revenue…

I just removed all mine and went to automated check in and baggage drop. Just not worth the delayed flights to risk it!

How many flights are assigned to that check in desk?
It seems like due to a delay on the previous flight check in, the agents for the next flight can’t start their job there.

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Exactly, this is in 99% of all cases the issue.

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