Passenger problems

So I set the Passengers per Flight ratio down from 100% to 3% Because I was generating way more passengers than my airport can handle. Tired of going 1 Frame Per second I started a new save and when the first DHC-6’s showed up with not 1 passenger Boosted the ratio to 10% but there was no change. It was only after I Boosted it to 70% that my Medium stand, (Which I constructed after that) started seeing a substantial amount of passengers. I wonder if the feature is broken? I restarted the game. I am in the experimental branch.

It’s a bit broken yes with small flights at low flight ratio. There is a chance of getting no pax

The number of passengers are generated when the flight is generated, so there will be some delay between changing the ratio slider and the number of passengers arriving at the airport.

Did I understand you correctly when you said you got 0 passengers on your new flights after setting it to 3%?

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Other have had that too for higher settings. I requested a minimum of 1 passengers a while ago for this.


Yea, it doesn’t set the minimum value to 1 so that is the reason. Anyhow, it is now fixed for good. :slight_smile:


Thank you for working on it this fast. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Right on!

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Has version 33.7-6 solved the issue?

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