Passenger path analyses failed. WHY?

i don’t understand how my passengers cant get to their gate. plz help !

The stand is staff only, so it will not work to the stand. (I mean the pathfinder). Is the issue that passengers do not board? Just so you know the staff only on the stand is on purpose.

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yes i do indeed understand the stand is for the staff. Tbh I haven’t rlly tested if passengers rlly board or not since everything is still on pause.

Well, try out the boarding. The stand is meant to be staff only, thought when passengers board they don’t care. Same with arrivals. Try unpausing and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then its an issue. The pathfider is just not meant to be used to stands. Anyone else want to give insight?


Correct, passengers do not actually pathfind out the aircraft from the boarding gate, they use a different system. So what you want to ensure is that passengers can reach the boarding gate, and not specifically the boarding point on the stand! :slight_smile:


ahhh thank u both. i also i have a question about how the path analyzer fails when I want passengers or security to get to the second floor. Seems like they don’t like the escalator and elevators.

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