Passenger Lists - Where are they, what are they doing + many other information

In some cases, passengers get lost somewhere between arrival and boarding and they will cause delays of the aircraft. It’s almost impossible to find them or to find out what is the problem.

So what would be great is if we get a full passenger list if we click on a certain flight.
The list shows up all the:

  • passenger names
  • their current position (check in, security, passport, gate,…)
  • the currenct activity (shopping, waiting in queue, go to gate,…)
  • feelings etc
  • business class access
  • jump to passenger button
  • money willing to spend / spent money

This could give us more insights of potential needs and issues within our airports. We see what passengers prefer and where they might stuck.

See topics about such pending issues:


Ever played Rollercoaster Tycoon? Back in 1999, it was the first game I played that let me see exactly where every peeps were, where they had been, where they were heading, what they had spent, how much cash they had left, how happy/hungry/thirsty/bladderful they were, and what they were thinking. (I realise a lot of the above is partly implemented already, but not being able to find PAX who are holding up the departure of an aircraft is a real issue in ACEO for me.)


Correct, almost all those informations are implemented, just you have to find and click on every person insead finding one list with all of them. :slight_smile:

Yes. Aggregated views would help.

+1 from me for this - I’d vote at the top, but I’m at my limit and can’t remember where I voted before.

What is the limit, and can I see where I have voted so I can remove one from that and add it here?

EDIT: Never mind, found it…

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But that already happens, you have a flight manager at your disposal, and when you click on a boarding desk it tells you where are the passengers of this flight.
Flight manager + pax waiting for one flight

Just the total numbers. But if you have an issue on this screen as linked in the posts above, you cannot find that specific passenger who is missing.
Also seing their detailled activities (shopping, using toilet, eating, sitting etc) can help to improve your airport layout.

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