Passenger Behavior-Newest Exp Update

Before the update on the experimental branch last night/this morning passengers would sit in seats near the gate for the most part before boarding. Now they just stand around/walk around. Did something change??

Strangre. I thought that was one of the best parts of boarding.

I thought when Alpha 35 first came out they all sat down which was great! Now it went back to the way it was before which is awful.

I’ve noticed that they sit, then immediately stand up. So yes something there has broken I think. With the initial Alpha 35, people sat and stayed seated, which was great.

If this is a weird or recurring “feature” feel free to bug report it using the in-game bug reporting menu. :hugs:

Bug number?

I idn’t record the bug number unfortunately and I don’t see a way to go back and see what I sent in via the game bug reporting tool. I sent it not too long ago if that helps. I’ll resubmit if I see it happening again next time I’m in the game.

My pax sit normally, but they sit on the seats closest to security and not emtpy seats right next to their gate.

I have the same issue with passengers sitting then standing repeatedly. This seems to happen in every airport I create. I submitted bug 26998 showing the issue.

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Thanks @Blackout. I’ve reverted back to version 34.6-3, made a new airport, and with only 4 small stands the issue is present immediately. How do other people not have this issue? The game is hard to play as the gate seating breaks frequently from passengers constantly sitting and standing. The janitors and technicians are earning their pay! I really want to play this game as I haven’t played in a long time :frowning:

I’ll check on the issue when I have time. In 34.6-3 you’re definitely gonna get that behavior as it is far less developed than compared to Alpha 35.

Not sure exactly what your issue is but I would recommend making sure that you have bathrooms, places to eat and such as it sounds as if the passengers are trying to fullfill a behavior that they can’t and then immediately sits down.

Are you getting a lot of error messages - passenger can’t find X - usually an exit. Make sure there is a way out of the secure area in case they miss their flights. I had this and it was a design issue - I had no way out of departure lounge except by boarding aircraft because I had separated my arrival to a different secure zone.

Normally, I have problems with passengers not going through security. You need a secure exit on both sides so that if their flight is canceled, they can get out of the secure zone.

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Thanks for addressing my issue in the latest update. There is definitely a big improvement in my airport!

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Good to hear! There was indeed a but there and with your report I was able to get that behavior sorted. :slight_smile:

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