"Pass-through stands"


Following up on ideas about new class of stands (regional operations) maybe it would make sense to implement the stands as pass-through - meaning that if only a taxiway is connected in front, aircraft could leave the stand without pushback or turnaround.

Example from EPWA (Warsaw Chopin):


Would be great idea!

Isn’t it WAW?

Yes, why he told it’s WAW (EPWA)

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I’ve been there. Have you?

Flying from WAW every 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

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So, are you talking about a “self maneuvering exit” stand? That would be great!

Good idea! :grinning:
But planning how this will be attached is difficult in my mind.

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We would not need full flexibility IMHO. It would be enough to have a taxi path on “top” of the stand just as it is on the “bottom”. Diagonals are overcomplicated in the above schema, usually for aircafts of a higher size class.

@kjurczenia I like your suggestion. Especially because it goes hand-in-hand with an idea someone shared on this Forum a while ago. It’s about having a rather “generic” area as a parking area for GA instead of having fixed and “dedicated” stands.

With your idea, we could do the same. Instead of having a dedicated stand, one could simply create a large area of TARMAC and “draw” aircraft stands onto there. When you define a “holding point”, the system will then automatically generate all necessary markings on the ground based on the aircraft size you would like this stand to cater for.


Many rather small airports have self maneuvering stands for medium aircraft as well, which basically work like the small stands ingame do right now. For example take a look at Iraklion airport (HER/LGIR). Something like that should definitely be implemented because it not only saves the costs for a pushback truck in general, it would also allow for medium sized turboprop aircraft like the Saab 340, Jetstream 41 or EMB 120, which would never get a pushback in real life but don’t fit into current small stands.

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This concept could work with the suggested ‘Custom’ stands, sort of zoning an area of the tarmac and set it as gate/stand. But doing so will require a helolololot of works, and of course…bugs.

@Olof @Fredrik @Alexander maybe for A35? :wink:

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That would definitely add to the gameplay and airport layout. Just slightly different de-icing pad. :smiley:

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Now that feature voting is open this idea definitely needs some love. Pass-through stands will give the player an actual choice in terms of stands which will impact the design of your airport.

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same as taxiway sings, (better and more realistic airline contracts the topic created by me) and pass-through stands for sure too adds a lot of realism.

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