Parking Lot Help

Hey y’all!

Is there any trick to getting parking lots to work?

I have all three types open but no cars. Wondering if I’m missing something.

Thanks in advance!

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Can you post a printscreen, maybe we can notice something to adjust?

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What happens if you start a route trace from the entrance to a car-park?

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This issue is fixed on beta 4! :slight_smile:


I was getting a bit offended that my passengers did not want to try out my new underground car park with premium street lamps - look forward to Beta 4 on default when it’s ready :smiley:

@Olof may i ask as a follow on from this, are one way (2 lane) tunnels up/down on the radar in the future? to help with access mainly dipping under runways or down to basement level carparks :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I am unfamiliar with how to do such a thing however if Olof says it’ll soon be fixed then it’s a problem that shall solve itself.

Thanks guys!

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I have the same problem now. My car parks used to get used, if any thing they where over subscribed. I once counted the cars in my staff only car parks and there were more than a hundred cars when I had only 82 employees, which didn’t make sense, have they never heard of car sharing. Now they dont get used at all.

Are you on beta 3 or 4?

Beta 3

As mentioned above it will be fixed in Beta 4 which has elsewhere been mentioned that it will soon (maybe few days) be on default branch :slight_smile: I have same issue awaiting the new version soon.

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And fixed it was, parking lots work like a charm now!

GG Olof and the rest of the team!


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