Parking Fees way too high

Why do I earn between 2400 and 2600 $ for a 3 hours turnaround at a small stand. Fees are still a the standard, because no executives are hired yet. Even later in the Game when I can adjust the Fees the money I earn will stay the same.

Is this a bug in one of the latest versions or did I miss it the hole time?

Thanks in advance

The money you receive from a commercial flight at the stand is the payment you get for completing the turnaround.

It varies by the star rating of the flight in question (higher star rating results in higher payments) and on the amount of delay (the more a flight is delayed, the lower the payment).

It doesn’t currently depend on the size of the aircraft.

Ok i didn’t know that. But in my case even without service round or fuel supply the fee is very high. It doesn’t change if I activate fuel and service round.

Edit: also the amount of money shows up in the economy panel as parking fees, fuel sales and all other services not included.

Fuel service, cleaning and catering actually are separate. You can see the money above the trucks while they’re doing their serviec. Same for baggage. The only thing I haven’t seen charged separately is the service round.

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