Parking Assignations logic

Are there any plans on improving the parking logic for service vehicles? Currently assigning a parking location doesn’t work well for several reasons.

You can assign more than the max 7 vehicles to a single Service Vehicle Parking Lot as long as they haven’t arrived on it yet, and no other vehicle is on it. Same with Vehicle Depots. This works very confusing when assigning vehicles.

A vehicle assigned to a Parking object can lose his spot to someone else when he’s away on a jobtask.
Vehicles without parking assignation park anywhere they like without looking at reservations for other vehicles. A spot is only taken when the vehicle is on the parking object, an assigned vehicle unable to park there when returning loses his assignation.

What i believe should change to improve this:
When you assign a behicle to a parking object (doesn’t matter if it’s a stand, depot or parking lot), that vehicle should Always be occupying a slot in that parking object even when it’s away on a job task.
In addition, no vehicles should be able to be bougt when there is no slot left on all the vehicle depots and parking lots.

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  • There should be a list for each parking lot etc, showing the assigned parking places and their vehicles. This list should have an %-indicator telling you how utilized the lot is.
  • It should be possible to assign more vehicles to a lot than it has spaces. A warning should be issued.
  • Of course it should be possible to buy as much vehicles as you can pay, not as you can store. You might build a lot later or keep them busy and have no intention of parking them anywhere.
  • The dialogue for assigning a vehicle to a parking space needs to be redesigned. Unless it is intended to assign more than one location to it, it makes no sense to have multiple drop down lists.
  • Instead of assigning locations, I’d like to be able to define rules when and where the vehicle is parked. Something like “park it for the night”, “park it when there is no job scheduled for the next n hours”…
  • BTW What about repair shops?
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I think the assignment in between parking lot/depot to stands should have priority.

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I also found out that if you assign 7 vehicles to a parking lot, those vehicles will show the wrong lot in the overview panel, very confusing. I submitted a bug report (20430) hoping to help the devs fixing it.

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That would be a good addition, but it doesn’t solve the bugs.

It should not. If a vehicle can’t park on it’s assigned parking object, it looses his assignation to that parking object and goes parkiong somewhere else. Byebye your efforts for assigning them then. If you replace that by alerts, many players will keep getting alerts wich will be too difficult for them to investigate. don’t make the game too complicated as not everyone can handle that much stress.

no it should not. If vehicles can’t find a parking slot anywhere, they roam around the airport causing traffic jams wich then delay turarond processes and delay flights.

It doesn’t let you assign a vehicle to 2 different types of parking object, if it’s assigned to a Parking lot and you select a Vehicle Depot, it unassigns itself from the parking lot. While it doesn’t look ideal, i don’t think there’s a better way for easier finding the difference between assigning it to a stand, depot or parking lot. Don’t forget some of us have airports with 40+ stands, 20+ parkings lots and many vehicle depots. Having them all on the same dropdown list would be extremely difficult to find the one you need.

Once again, don’t overcomplicate the game. It has to be playable for new players too. this may sound easy for someone who has been playing for a long time, but nto new players.

In the end all i’m asking is for assigned vehicles to have their slot reserved, and have the procurement system check the amount of available parking slots.

Yes it should! I don’t want the game to tell me how to run my airport! A warning is fine, but definitely no restrictions. I don’t want to have to build a parking space before I can buy a car.
And if they cause traffic jams, then it is the ACEO’s responsibility to do something against it, not the game’s job. The game does not have to tell me how to play it good.

You do have a point here. But just not to scare the noobs? How about some decently prepared default rules?

To buy a vehicle you must own a depot, right? So by default it should reset to depot assignment and return into depot and NOT idling around looking for free parking space causing jams. Problem solved?

[removed because being off topic and having a fit from being triggered by a certain phrase does not help either. Apologies @dewitjur]

With all respect? You try to summarize the problem to 2 lines in wich you clearly didn’t understand anything just to have a tirade about the cirrus using avgas fuel because you read about difficulties for new players. it’s been stated in the past this is aimed to be a tycoon game and not a simulator game so get over that and don’t hijack this topic.

Scrubbed my last post. Being emotional over levels of difficulty/realism is not helpful. Again: apologies.

I concur with your proposal of having kind of hard slots for your vehicles so you never would encounter the situation of having vehicles in assignment limbo. The question is: when to assign? As far as I see through the problem the vehicles not present on the world map can be put anywhere, even, if there is no free actual space. Also, what if you fill up all slots? Will you ever be able to reassign them as you might need one free slot for transactions? Sell one vehicle to free up space? What with vehicles assigned to stands on top of that as this affects certain types only? Could GA stands qualify as parking space?

If a tychon game game and not simulation: what about having the vehicle depot have unlimited space with vehicles defaulting to depot assignment when something is odd?

No, I don’t. Nobody does. You can park them nowhere, on a lot, some even on a stand. You can be a successful CEO with many vehicles and without a single depot.

If you are for any reason willing to try it without a place to park a vehicle, you should be able to. Yeah, maybe it’s stupid and you causing jams because you don’t have space for the cars, but you decide how to solve the problem.
It’s YOU who’s playing, not the game.

Have I juxtaposed this with some other ‘need vehicle checkpoint/depot’ prerequisites and not realized this? Ugh…need some sleep as it seems.
But regarding to your post: if the freedom you ask for is confusing the game and causing erratic behavior…is it worth the price?

I’d rather see a mechanism locking the vehicles behind a depot to be built. So in that case you already have the required parking space. Make said space unlimited and sacrifice realism for problem avoidance and the whole problem vanishes. Then, parking lots are just some spaces to park your vehicles at more convenient places while the depot enables you to buy vehicles without erratic behavior as they always have a place to return/default to.

Doc, I don’t know what you’re doing. I just find some text appearing here and reply to it. I don’t even know you… maybe you’re a just a car depot texting to justify its existence…

What erratic behaviour? If you’d be a car and find no space to park, you’d drive around too, wouldn’t you?

If you force the player to have a space for the cars, you could also force the player to, let’s say, have a check-in desk for a stand, otherwise you’ll have erratic acting passengers and staff.

And still I want to be able to order the vehicles when I have no depot (yet) or make mistakes.

I guess in reality I would just stop my car at some side lane and phone my superior and ask why my assigned parking space is occupied and have him solve my problem instead of - say - joyride my fuel tanker around looking for some free parking space somewhere else in a secure area with occasional planes or other possible sources of danger crossing my path. I ask what or where to default to.

The entities in the game do something similar I reckon. And I think that objects using the same space might create problems gamewise. Be it harmless like driving around aimlessly up to getting jobs assigned but not being able to execute them because the logic structure might need to start at a start building to be executed and the vehicle cannot reach it but still has the job assigned while the blocking vehicle will not get a new job and has no reason to move. Or the vehicle that has its space blocked is invisible for the system for new jobs, maybe? Or just annoying because you placed the vehicle in a certain area of the airport for a reason but it will go elsewhere because there is a parking slot left creating new problems elsewhere. This would result in behavior the game does not need, right? So I am with dewitjur on the case that over-assigning service cars to entities like stands, lots and depots could create problems and should be avoided. Having the depot as building to default to instead of visiting other parking lots if there is a conflict of 2 or more cars wanting to park on the same spot might be part of the solution as it usually is not filled to the brim with cars.

And yes, I should read topics more carefully when I am very tired or wait until tomorrow with my response to avoid confusion. I seem to miss crucial points in this thread and will refrain to add any further comments here. I do not want to make people angry here. :wink:

I agree on the matter. I believe that the list atm, lists them in order of the reg number. So if you buy a push one back truck and it get reg ABB 122 it will be the top of the list. And then you buy another one. And it has AAB 112 as reg, then it will be first in the list now. Annoying when you alredy have around 40 and order one and it has Z… in the reg, and it ends up unassigned at the last page.

Also I wanna bring up that I would like to be able to assign parking on a closed stand. Because if i close the stand they will loose they parking. And then i have to find the vehicle and assign it again. Or will they go back to the stand when i open it?

Why Is This In Support?

Why Is This In Support?

The topic is about a bug in game so… :man_shrugging:

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