Paintable walls, changing wall material, texts on roof and on walls

I think we should be given permission to paint walls on different sides if we drag paint tool on outside side of wall and change colour to let’s say darkish grey it only changes its colour on outside side of it.
If inside side then only inside.
And we should have choice when, painting walls option of different material change (costs money same as painting walls) ex : Metal, Steel, Wood (for classic terminal look, concrete (which we already have right now), and others suggest in replies under this topic.
Examples :
Here you can see steel/metal material walls, and name of airport on it.

Here we see text up top of terminal also different material…

Why this should be implemented? :

  • It adds much more creativity, uniqueness to different airports and designs.

Let me know if there’s anything to add/missing here below :blush:

When I was thinking about it missing in the past, it was more about interior walls than exterior. For me personally the exterior could stay white, at least till no multiple terminals / multiple not connected buildings are not much viable (later I’d probably would want to have additionally at least brick & corrugated metal textures for the exterior), but painting interior walls of toilets, offices, lounges, etc. would be very nice - I’d put some wooden wall in the CEO’s office :slight_smile: ; various technical corridors used just by staff can stay white / concrete.


I agree with you but, outside wall colour could be used for terminals like cargo ones DHL (if cargo ever comes) and other different ones.

Before them all, I think wall system needs improvement first hand. Current walls are too thick. It is 1x1 size compare to all other objects.


I agree with you…

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