Pacific Air

Airline Name: Pacific Air

Airline Description: Pacific Air is an airline founded in 2015 that fits in the sweet spot between a budget experience and a luxurious one. The airline serves flights from all over the Pacific Ocean with airfares covering all price ranges. Whether you are in the need to go from point A to point B for as cheap as possible or if you are looking for a top-notch flying experience with maximum comfort then Pacific Air is exactly what you are looking for.

Airline CEO Name: Steven Surf

Airline Design Image:


What’s your opinion on this? On should I make the blue livery cover up the doors or should I leave it how it is?

Here’s what it looks like with the doors white.

Here’s what it looks like with them as a different color.

  • Cover up the doors on the back with the livery color
  • Leave it how it is

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rear doors white, front doors blue!