OSW Toronto Oshawa Airport

Fictional airport serving Toronto, Canada. This was created primarily in sandbox however the costs were often applied in standard gameplay and developed over time :slight_smile:

Single runway, single terminal, single level airport! set myself the challenge of keeping the terminal only to ground level and as compact as possible. Initially the airport opened with only the small stands.

Any queries or to see close ups of any of the features for ideas, just let me know!

1x Medium Runway

Domestic Gates
8x Small Stands (1 used for overflow/emergencies)
4x Medium Stands (1 used for overflow/emergencies)

1x Small Hangar
1x Medium Hangar

Shown below is a close up of the terminal interior. Entering the terminal, there is a compact automated bag drop area with plenty of seating for customers waiting to check-in. Also, there is a small coffee shop and a convenience store.

3x medium security search areas for passengers ensure smooth flow of passengers into the secure area though queues do peak occasionally back to the automatic door from Check-In hall. Immediately after security is the main shop leading into the shared departures/arrivals secure zone.

In total there are 2 shops, 2 food outlets and also 2 airline lounges serving Air Canada and Air Choice One (mod chosen as it has small aircraft only, additionally Maple Express is contracted at OSW). Baggage sorting and staff rooms are positioned near the security area, with a spacious staff room with separate executive office and toilets for staff. Whilst compact, there is still plenty of seating available should all gates be used simultaneously.

Medium boarding desks were recently upgraded to 1-2 automated desks alongside a small staffed desk, plus the addition of two remote stands though the airport is limited to one bus parking bay for remote stands due to limited space. The remote desks are purposely positioned near the secure zone exit (arrivals route) to avoid crowding.

Plans are being considered to replace the current terminal, with a larger terminal across the runway from the current site, able to handle both domestic and international flights, replacing the current limited terminal. Longer term the existing site is proposed to be used for General Aviation and Maintenance, with a landmark new ATC tower.


Amazing build! :smile: :+1:


Very nice, gl with making the most of a single runway

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Terminal Improvements

  • Expanded arrivals/baggage reclaim area now served by 2 larger baggage belts with additional seating.
  • Remote boarding is now served by 4 gates across 2 bus bays. The two smaller gates (1 Staffed and 1 Auto desk) serve the overflow stands reserved for emergencies or severe delays.
  • New transit area for bus/coach services, doubling the number of bus stops by relocating across the road, allowing space for the new baggage reclaim hall.
  • Doubled the size of the carpark (both Short and Long stay)
  • One way ring road around carparks to significantly improve traffic flow.
  • New flooring to boarding gate desk areas.
  • Improved landscaping to terminal forecourt including illuminated OSW garden.