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Airline Name: Orbit

Airline Description: Orbit began in late 1957 with a single DC-4, flying charters from DC to Orlando so politicians could watch rocket tests at Cape Canaveral, later expanding during the Space Race as people traveled south for historic launches. Orbit has grown past their charter-flying roots, now operating a network of transcontinental, transatlantic, and Caribbean routes. As an homage to their origins, flights from DC to Orlando still fly as Orbit 001.


Airline CEO Name: Kaitlyn Evans

Airline Design Image:


I wonder how it would look with same red colored stripe instead of red and dark red stripes.

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What a livery!

Nice. I hope you get into the vote :smiley:

And you too :+1::grinning:

Here’s how it looks with the same color for the stripe (went with the darker red here):

I don’t think it works as well; it’s an X rather than swooshes, and there’s just less “pop” where the crossing happens.

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I like the first version better. :grinning:

Damn I want to see this in game so damn much now, Good luck!

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

If special liveries end up being implemented, here’s what Orbit looked like when it started!