Optimize fuel depots by adding either enhanced connectability or piping

Make additional Fuel Tanks connect to each other

We can enhance a medium fuel depot by adding extra tanks already, although as they are of different size grid-wise and only work if in contact to the main depot, we might need either some piping for connecting main depot to extra tanks or having them connect to each other to make rows of extra tanks connected to the main ones. Preferably both of it

Why it should be implemented:

Current solution looks ugly if we max it out and with big birds draining the tanks quickly, we should be able to expand our fuel facilities in ordered, meaningful manner.

There’s a trick already which I’m using in my game, although I don’t know whether it’s intended. While the fuel depot is on floor 0, you can place all the tanks on floor -1 or even -2 and they will still connect. They’re still limited to 6 tanks at maximum.


Yupp. But, as said - this is ugly :wink:
Thanks nevertheless. :slight_smile:

Seeing as there is a Small and Medium fuel depot in the game, maybe a Large fuel depot is in the future?

Hi everybody!

I have also thight about the fuel system. Since I have two of the large stands at my aiport, refueling had become a serious difficulty. Although my large fuel trucks are standing in a row, refueling the big birds takes it sweet time, which sometimes causes delays.

When I read your idea with the pipes @DocDesastro I thought it would be nice to not only connect the fuel depots together, but also connect the stands to the fuel depots. Real airports are using an underground fuel and hydrant system, too. For example the Frankfurt a. M. (EDDF) in Germany, but many others too.


In my opinion it would be realy nice having an underground fuel system at the research panel to unlock. That would help out to add even more variety to the research options and moreover it would help to decrease the refuel time especially for the big birds. And it is not unrealistic as real airports use those systems.


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Agreed. Just let us first cope with the 6 tanks placed in an ugly manner around the main tank issue to have nice, tidy depots with reasonable amounts of storage capacity for either refueling trucks or delivery by pipeline.

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