Optimize bus stops?

Currently, when a bus is at a bus stop, all other buses wait and block the road for other traffic, causing people to arrive late at the airport.

Is it possible to move the waiting bus to the next available bus stop?

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yes please. Shouldn’t this be featuere request though?

Ah yes, my bad. Maybe someone can move it.

And related to that, when I assign a road to one way (two lanes), the cars only use the right most lane:

Would be nice if they could use all available lanes

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Vehicles behaviour certainly has a lot of room for improvement. I don’t know how much traffic jams actually affect schedules by making pax arriving late, but definitely these jams are much more frequent and bigger than they could and should be if vehicles behaved in an efficient and logical manner.

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Yes please it’s annoying when the busses wait for the 1st bus stop, and block other traffic. Can we have like a dynamic systeem that the bus choose the first availbele bus stop option.
And I got a feeling that some bus stops get way more busses, while passengers are queing up on other stops.

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One way roads work pretty good, but you have to drag it over the whole lane.

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On the one hand I can agree that there are things that can be improved when it comes to which vehicle goes to which transit structure (it’s unfortunately quite complex and not as easy as a matter of just claiming the next available spot).

On the other hand there’s a way that this can be solved through construction and having a one-way single lane with a bus stop right at the junction is perhaps not the best way to go about it. I would suggest more room for the vehicles to move and multiple paths in to each respective vehicle type’s stop.

This is a bit of a tricky territory in terms of game design. You obviously don’t want a completely bonkers vehicle AI that can’t make sense of the most basic road setups as that destroys part of the fun. But you also don’t want vehicles that can solve any given situation as it kind of takes away the challenge of building a good road network. Poor road design, in the eyes of the Airport CEO mechanics, should be punished with stagnant traffic. But if those mechanics doesn’t make sense they should of course be iterated on.


I think I see the challenge here. Looks like buses are spawned based on bus stop, so for example, every bus stop spawns 4 buses. If I build 4 bus stops I get 16 buses. Uncoupling buses from a specific bus stop is probably a lot of work. So maybe I should be a little bit more conservative with the number of stops I place (same goes for taxi’s and car stops).

The problem now is that a bus blocks access for all traffic behind it, so maybe I have to go with something like this for now:

So each bus stop has enough room for waiting buses.

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there’s also a pathfinding bug:

The bus blocks two lanes. Would be nicer if it moved to the right lane earlier

Fixed it this way for now:

Traffic flowing in from the top and leaving via the bottom. Together with removing a couple of bus/taxi/car stops this has relieved the congestion quite a bit.

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