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Hey guys,

one question. I haven´t been playing for quite a while and now with all the updates I dont know if i get things right.

I have a small airport with 10 medium aircraft stands located in Austria. My only flight depart to destination Vienna. Last time i played the flights went all over Europe. Any ideas what i have to change to get international routes?

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How many of your stands are set to international?

How can I set them to international?

Unless you change a setting in “Game settings” to realistic stands, only large ones offer international flights.

May already have done, but double check your gameplay settings for “Realistic International Stands”. I think the default is that only large stands allow Int’l flights for simplified game play. The realistic option activated will allow you to manually set Small and Medium stands to accept Int’l flights :slight_smile:

That, and double checking connections to boarding desks in international zones - hope this helps

Ok I think I am on the right way… but how do i create international zones? There is no option for this in zonings

You have to unlock them with your admins.

I have unlocked all items except the last commercial licence. Anything I might have forgotten?

Once unlocked, it’s like an “add on layer” on top of a secure zone. The set up simplified is as follows, with each “>” being a checkpoint.

Public/No Zone (Entrance from carparks and transits, also Check-In) > Secure Zone > International Zone (Boarding Gates)

International Zone (can be same one as above!) > Secure Zone > Public/No Zone (Exit to carpark and transits)

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Yeah I got that the problem is that i cannot find where to select this type of zoning. In the former versions of this game it was selectable on the same page as all other zonings. No there is no such zoning…

Thanks for your support, appreciate it.


restarting the game made the international zone available :slight_smile:

So you research the commercial license but it did not enable international zones until a reload?

Affirm, sir.

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Could be that you needed to research large aircraft too, if the realistic stand toggle was off.

Ok I wanted to start from the beginning anyway, I will give it a try with the realistic stand toggle enabled

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