Oneway-Doors or Routes

Hi devs & guys!

I have one question and I didn’t find any post about this.
Is it possible to create one-way routes or one-way doors, to make areas only accesable from one side? For example in Frankfurt: You can only access the baggage claim area from gate site, not from public area. But when you are inside baggage claim area you are only able to go to public area.

Greetings from Germany

PS: I hope it’s understandable. :sweat_smile: & sorry, if this is a double post.

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Hi, your post is perfectly understandable :slight_smile:

I’d be surprised if this wasn’t already included. As you point out, most if not all airports operate a one-way system and as such a one way gate would be an essential object to have. As you say, there are multiple examples of one way flows such as through security (from checkin to the lounge but not back) and into the arrivals hall. It would probably be easy to implement.


We have what we call security exits which are the one way doors you go through from the airside to the “unsecure” side. So this item transitions the passenger between zones, the Security Station/Check point serves the same functionality but reversed. I hope that answers the question!

Yes, it does. Thank you! :slight_smile:

And BTW: Thank you guys for that amazing video! :heart_eyes:

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