One way road tunnels

The road tunnels in the game are all 2 way (which makes no sense because there is an up and a down so each should be just up or down and not both) but what about an actual 1 way tunnel? We have 1 way roads so why not tunnels?

If you place one way road markings on both sides of tunnel, you will get one-way 2 lane tunnels.

Maybe 1 lane one way tunnels can be made in future but I don’t see a reason of rush for that :wink:

Ok thanks! They use both lanes?

Ok thanks! They use both lanes?

They suppose to use. I haven’t tested it out

ok thanks!

The work around doesn’t work. We really need to be able to have one way tunnels for this creates a massive choke point and rather defeats the purpose of one way roads.
How about something like similar to the runway access?

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Idk if they can actually use both lanes, but they only tend to use 1

I think this would be great to have. For tight spaces with only one block this could be extremly helpful. I would just make it a one lane tunnel and then the player woud add direction by using arrows.

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