One Way Doors

I know this has been mentioned a lot but omg one way doors are essential for an international airport. I cannot have a proper flow of passengers and passengers will go to the wrong bathrooms in the wrong parts of the airport etc. It is something that is really needed ASAP.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @Olof and @Fredrik?


Yes, I second this. I eventually closed the bathrooms in the arrivals area, meant for arriving pax, as departing pax were using them and missing their flights.

I did build another set of bathrooms in the departure area, so that they didn’t complain about no bathrooms at all.


Any news about one way doors? Especially after the multi floor update they would be an essential feature for the design of the pax flow. :slight_smile:

I believe the devs need to sort out a tiny bug with one-way escalators (which are temporarily disabled until a fix), and I would imagine these one-way doors probably would yield the same/a similar bug. But I am also going to assume, knowing all the ambitious plans of the devs, I do not foresee this happening relatively soon. Especially with them work they’ve been putting in for the turnaround services to eventually get implemented.

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I need this, since like 10 updates ago :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

One way doors have been confirmed already for Alpha 35 ‘The Terminal Update’ !


Beta 35!? It’s Alpha 35

That’s what I meant of course

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