One small detail

So when ever you get the prompt question if you wanna delay a flight and you press the button to go to the flight it takes you there. But what is not piratical, at least for me. Is that is a bit to much zoomed in. And also it takes you to ground floor.

When you have a gate. And a medium plane there. It would be preferable if it was more zoomed out and also on the floor where the boarding desk is. It always connect to the boarding desk?
And more zoomed out means easier to get a quick overview of what state the flight is going thru in the turnaround.


Right. That’s the case with every looking-glass functionality in the game. Whenever I go to an incident, I feel like jumping back from the screen because it goes so close. I always think “I didn’t want to know it that detailed.”


Fully agree!

yeah, it is very annoying.

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