One Side of the Boarding Gate Doesn't Work

Boarding desks have a capacity of 2 staff. But It only allows one side of the desk for the passengers. It seems that both staff come to gate but the passengers always use only one side. I ve tried almost everything but no change. Could anybody solve it.!



I find if the agent arrives after the boarding counter opens, the cue (system wise) has already formed and will only go to the agents which was open when the boarding desk opened.

At my airport i have 3 boarding desk and 6 staff but not all get used for this reason.

This issue touches upon a reply I made here:

In short, passenger AI and bag AI will see improvements on these areas once we’re back to full speed!


Sounds good! Would be great if that gets improved! :+1:

@Olof welcome back! Hope you had a good holiday and enjoyed the time off! If you’re still in holiday mode, then enjoy a bit more :beers: :clinking_glasses:

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Thanks! I’m on and off right now… difficult to keep away from the keyboard! :wink:


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