Olympus Organization

Airline Name: Olympus Organization

Airline Description: The Olympus Organization started out as a small electronics-company, but it quickly grew when it’s CEO decided to invest in the Aerospace-Sector. Now, Olympus is a well-known Airline, and their aircraft can be seen at almost any major airport. Most Olympus-Flights are High-Class, though more and more Tourist-Flights are being put into service very week. They are also working on commercial space-flight, though this part of the company is still in the early development-phase.

The Olympus Organization HQ is in Groningen, The Netherlands. However, most flights operate out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Airline CEO Name: Jan Voors

Airline Design Image:


nice paint job, something a bit different. Good work!

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Wow! That is a beautiful livery! :grinning:

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Yes, I like this too. Good work.

Very nice design ! :blush:

Thank you all for voting for the Olympus Organization! I can’t wait to see Olympus at every airport around the globe! Happy flying to you all! :kissing_smiling_eyes: :airplane: