OCX - Orange County International

Here’s my almost completed masterpiece. Just a few shops to add and some Staff rooms… but all 24 gates run smoothly other than a few minor bugs that occur a day or two into a new session that causes back-ups (ie. baggage service truck get frozen on the stands and baggage doesn’t get unloaded, but does get loaded… weird)


It looks really nice :slight_smile: I wonder why this post became hidden by community :thinking:

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Looks nice and big! Do you have any delays on flights? How about passengers and personnel moving to gates, are they always on time?

Now that’s and airport! Wow! Great job. How does it run?

Can you maybe e-mail this to us on support@airportceo.com? Would very much love to check it out.

Don’t know why the Forum hid your post but I’ve made it visible now.


Yes, I’d love to get my hands on it too. Or higher res screen shots.


We should really add Steam Workshop integration, lol… I think we’ll try to make it a part of the UI sprint.


That would be great!

@Rubble Indeed, would also love to have a closer look at this great looking airport!
@twocflyer Can you please share the save game?


Can we maybe get an in game button to “giant” screenshot in HD?


Thanks @Olof. It took quite a few large airport to get this one to run as smoothly as it does. Ill upload some more up close pictures after I respond. There are a few things that happen when I have it running for a bit but after I save it and restart it, it runs fairly smooth for a day or two with a full schedule. Its very slow and only runs on the slowest speed. Speeding up time doesn’t really speed up the time. lol

For some reason the service trucks will get perma stuck on the stands with their caution lights on. They just sit and don’t move and the baggage won’t get unloaded to the cargo bays. Any plane that comes after that will not get cargo loaded. But a re-load of the airport/game fixes that. I have noticed that passengers have better path calculating on this airport, however, I have 4 different security zones for the 4 different terminals. So passengers are forced to go through the respective security checkpoints and can only go to the terminal that they check in for. My older airports had all one large security zone and passengers would shop at a cafe or shop at the other side of the airport after going through security check point, causing them to miss their flights. But the 4 different security zones helped with that issue keeping passengers in smaller zones. I was very happy the first time I ran the whole airport with a full schedule and it ran a full day with mostly all early departures and a few 10-15 min late ones. But they didn’t effect the arrivals. I had 1 hour between each schedule flight and a total of 4 flights per day per gate, so 24 stands times 4 flights = 96 flights in one day. Ill send some more pictures now.

Any other questions, let me know.


oh yeah, it does take about 10 minutes to load the airport… lol

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Thank you for more screen shots. Be interested to see how you’ve set security up too. :grinning:

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@Rubble here’s my zoning

I had to split terminal B & C in the middle with the cargo bays not secured. So that it would only connect security checkpoint B/C with he corresponding B/C terminal

and general night time view


Thank you @twocflyer

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Here is how I scheduled. One flight every 10 minutes. The beginning of the day (first flight at each stand was left out for this day as I was editing some things. But there are usually 4 flights every day for each gate.

24 gates. First one starting at 0000 at gate D6… 1 hour between each flight. Last flight leaves at 2320

Starting times for each terminal -first flight of the day below (Terminal A on left, Terminal D on right, B/C in middle). 2.5 hours between grouped stands… Gate A5/A6 grouped together so they have one flight arriving alternately as they are connected to the same cargo bay and baggage claim and 2 check-in desks. This allows for even flow of passenger and aircraft traffic.

A6 0130-0530, 0630-1030…
A5 0400-0800, 0900-1300…
A4 0140
A3 0410
A2 0150
A1 0420

B6 0030
B5 0300
B4 0040
B3 0310
B2 0050
B1 0320

C6 0100
C5 0330
C4 0110
C3 0340
C2 0120
C1 0350

D6 0000
D5 0230
D4 0010
D3 0240
D2 0020
D1 0250


@twocflyer can i get your save to see how it functing