Object is deactivated, but it is on

My international airport is running smoothly, except for 1 stand, which says it’s off when it’s on.


(edit) I am on experimental, and this has only fuel services.

This is interesting… Maybe devs can take a look? I suggest you bug report this via the in-game tool :slight_smile:

ok, i will do that

What does the UI panel say?

it is normal everytime I’ve checked it

I’ve had this on new stands and runway ramps occasionally. A save and reload fixes it.

ok, i will alert you if that works

this did work, thank you


Strange, I assume this was a very rare issue for you and that you don’t have an immediate way to recreate this sort-of-off state?

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I’m going to be building a runway or two, and a few stands, in the next few days. I’ll bug report if I find this situation on any of the new objects.


ok, i will stay tuned

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