Number of employees in each category to show the list!

Can we have a number of employees in each category because right now my airport has 6 Security Station and each station has 6 security guard for a 6 hours shift the total amount of I need 96 security guard to run security station smoothly but I don’t know how many security guards I hired in my list? Like for the ramp agents, airport staff, etc. So it best to have the list employees in each category.

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The dev is looking into this

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Yup, watch this issue: :slight_smile:

What about MX hangers or hubs?

Yes this will help us to keep the sufficient staff. I would suggest to display not only the available staff, it should show required staffing too. So that we can hire more staff and run the airport smoothly.

Great idea, agree. Staff levels (current & required) need to be more visible.

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Thank for the information

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