Not related to AIRPORT CEO But!

Hey everyone,
I have been following this forum for a while and thought what he heck I’m going to join up…

As I think we all know AirportCEO is going to have great success, it is something we have been waiting for for a very long time… the detail in what the devs are doing is just unimaginable.

So my question is, after completion do you have any other projects in mind so far?

If not would you consider modeling off this title and creating something like HarborCEO very similar to this title but instead of Airports and Aircraft we would be managing, Wharfs and Cruise Ship Terminals with contracts from Cruiseliners, Shipping Liners etc… growing and expanding your operation inside a harbor, more berthing piers etc…

I know this maybe a little straightforward in asking you guys but this is something that has been on my mind for a while now…

Just an idea and I really hope you guys or maybe other developers get behind the idea and give it a shot… If i could code id start it myself… BUT I have no Idea :frowning:

Thanks guys

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Its good but i think its a little too early to be asking about the ‘next game’ because it will take years and a lot of effort to put into. I personally would like the focus to be on ACEO for however long they take on it. There are games you speak of that involve trades and managing trades on ships, if you like city builders and trade routing and managing resources then i recommend the Anno games - personal favs are: Anno 1404 and Anno 2070. I find i like 2070 more because of its additional contents and expansions.

I’ve had the pleasure of working here

For a long while, definitely interesting from a managerial aspect and I can see lots of parallels between an airport and this. Oh and for the record the ‘‘small’’ yacht you see on the bottom right is 82 meters. Cruiseships are the size of apartment building and literally floating cities


We would lie if we say we didn’t thought about it. I mean we have developed several generic systems that can have many future uses, including what you mention. BUT this is in my opinion the main reason many indie game developers never manage bring their title any step further than their hobby room. It is extremely easy to fall into that trap of getting tired/bored of the same project and start a new one, and a new one, getting into the bad habit of never completing a project. Endurance, stamina and a strong will to complete the game is really the key here.

So we will only focus on Airport CEO now and not really engage in any discussion regarding future titles. But by all means, please go ahead and discuss it here. We will just not actively engage in the discussion right now. :slight_smile:


I think at the moment this point is far a way and there is a Lot of work left :wink:

Your engine can use for so much more. …

how about SeaPort CEO … Manage a SeaPort like Amsterdam, Hamburg etc.

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Airport, Seaport, bus terminal, train station, highway service area, aquarium, shopping mall… city creating games, tycoon games… Guys, I don’t see any limitations. Under this quality game engine, every game will be perfect.


Is it necessarily be CEO game??.. we should think about something that can be made using the existing game mechanics. Something different.

Well, if they would like to re-use things that they made for Airport CEO, they can’t just build a car racing game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure they can. abandoned airports as racing circuit :slight_smile:


Even i thought so before. But making lots of tycoon games with just different purpose isn’t good for the studio. Most of the current mechanics of the game are suited for tycoon games only… so i guess the Devs will have to start over if they want to develop a new genre.

I’ve been thinking about lots of different management game ideas, but most of them either have a game or is being developed. Many are good quality.
HarbourCEO is a good idea, but again not very unique as it will use the ‘character’ of ACEO.

Its is visible that the Apaopsis Studio’s next game will have to be an UNIQUE tycoon game or different genre. Developing a CEO series won’t work well in the long run. (Atleast i dont want the next game to be a CEO sequel.)

Or they start on an FPS, who knows? :smiley:

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