Not enough incoming vehicles to pick my pax up!

My car stops are constantly full - and the queuers just stay there forever because there are hardly any cars (or bus, for that matter) coming into my airport. Have got plenty of car stops already (60 car stops plus other transport means for my 10k-pax airport).

How to increase the number of incoming cars? (By the way, my parking lots are also quite empty throughout the day…)

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At an airport of that size you primarily want to rely on subway entrances for your passenger transit throughput, how many of those do you have?

Regarding the number of subway entrances…would it be possible in the future to build just one but click on it and upgrade it to a certain imaginary number of rails/platforms underneath? Like expanding the subway station but still keeping the one access point. More rails would mean it can digest more PAX and also spawn more of them without the need to place another one. I mean the very one reason to build a subway is to save surface space.
I find it rather funny having more of those than maybe two or three and even then those are mostly interconnected underground. Having to build a larger number feels odd.

Just trying to compare reality as I know it with the game.

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