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Hello, I’ve made a new airport and some reason not enough baggage is getting to the planes? All of it gets off, but the getting on the rating one minute will be 80-90 and the next minute it’ll be 5, sometimes only loading 5 bags for 170 passengers? Any help. My systems are they go through a tier 1 scanner only, which is 100% correct all the time, then it goes on highspeed belts to the baggage bays which are directly underneath each gate. Could it possibly be that I have to many baggage bays (1 for each gate) and that is causing bags to not turn onto the right bay?


Can you show us your airport. Specially the baggage bay and the aircraft stands.

My guess is that the loading of the bags onto the baggage carts might be too slow or delayed. That can be caused by

  • too less ramp agents
  • ramp agents not reaching aircraft stand on-time
  • not enough baggage carts
  • traffic issues

Talking about ramp agents, to they have to leave and re-enter the secure zone? This costs a lot of time. Try to keep your ramp agents always in the secure zone, they have no jobs outside.

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Your checkin desks are connected to the baggage bay, and you have enough big ones or baggage drops with automated check in machines to supply your airport, right?

I have 4 check in desks per stand

No they stay in the secure zone, i have tried adding ramp agents and it doesnt seem thats the issue.

Wow, that’s a complex setup.

I think the best would be if we can try it by ourself.
Can you upload your savegame to the Steam Workshop and post the link here?

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Sure, how do i do that

At the savegame loading menu you see a Steam icon behind the savegame.
Then you find it on the Workshop at “your files”

If no one else will look at it, I can do it tomorrow after work.

Hi, I tested your airport and with this change

it was always over 90%.
My guess is that with just the tier 1 setup som good bags will be destroyed and the rating drop.


Ok, ill try that thanks

Ok, that fixed it thanks, but 1 more question. how can i improve terminal quality?

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With decoration, better seatings (more $), proactive maintenance and more technicians.

ok, ill try it out. thanks

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Well done helping out ACEO team!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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