Noob questions on runway extras

Hi, really like ACEO and have some noob questions on some of the extra bits that are in the ACEO Aircraft menu.
Particularly, the Weather Station, PAPI lights and ILS aerials(?) - where would they be placed in relation to the runways and airport buildings?

For PAPI lights:


Weather station really never matters, though I like putting it one tile over from the PAPI lights.

For the weather station it doesn’t really matter too much, and you only need one since it just tells you the temperature and windspeed. Blackout’s post talks about where to put the other two. However, I did read that they don’t actually have an effect in the game yet, so I’m pretty sure they are just decoration for now at least. I did see this a while ago since it might have been updated.

Yeah, like @cxlbxn said. I am assuming they will have a place in Alpha 36 though.

Thanks for that, some viewing for later. I’ve been putting the weather station (when I remember to build it) nearby the small ATCT. When you build a larger ATCT, do you need to keep the small one if you are intending to retain GA in your airport?

No, you only need 1 ATC tower at a time.

Did you know that the runway configuration may have an impact on delays? Read more here:

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