Non-Steam Workshop Mods?

Hi All.

I am looking for some good mods that are downloadable without Steam Workshop.
I have had an issue with Steam for a very long time where I am unable to load Steam Workshop mods, as they either *crash my game, or don’t appear in-game.

  • Note that my PC can handle games, and is a very decent computer, thus, it is not due to my PC.

Could someone suggest some? I am looking for some airline mods, and maybe some other types.

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Did you unsubscribe every mod and start new? At all are they downloaded in your steam workshop folders?

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You should focus on why Steam Workshop is not working. I have never heard any problem from workshop as long as players have legit copy of the game.


I fixed it. It appears that my ‘workshop’ file was missing, and the games I was playing couldn’t find the file, therefor causing the games to not load up.