Nobody leaves my airport anymore

Nobody leaves my airport anymore. They’re either stuck at the jetway vestibule, standing still in arrivals, or congregating in the loos. Is my airport too complex? It never used to be a problem. But my mac is having a heart attack with the amount of arriving passengers not leaving the airport. Is my airport a destination in itself? Are they admiring the architecture?

Passengers also seem to be arriving at the gate too late. They might just be too drunk from Belbeer, but I suspect there could be issues with check-in and the spawning of these passengers.

Jokes aside, I’m aware that improvements have been made to pathfinding for arriving passengers, but my passengers haven’t received the memo yet. I’ll admit my airport is advanced in design, but they used to leave my airport just fine. I’ve triple checked zoning, and its definitely a clear path as the occasional number of passengers do indeed walk back to the headhouse and leave the airport successfully despite this issue. Let me know if anybody has the answer.

Are you on Experimental or on Default?

@no-fun Experimental :slight_smile: I’ve bug reported this too

Are there transit options that are not full?

@humoresque Plenty of taxi/bus/car stops and 6 subway stations. The passengers are stuck in the secure zone, and are yet to pass customs.

Report number?

@Olof ACEO-41531, thanks :slight_smile:

Seems to be a pathing issue relating to a fix we did this past week. Will unfortunately probably not be fixed until Monday.

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